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With extensive experience in the payroll and finance industry, we continually provide an outstanding professional service to our clients which covers all aspects of payroll.  Our team of Payroll professionals have assisted businesses and individuals in Australia and overseas. Our honest, transparent and legally compliant practices ensure that all our customers have peace of mind regarding their remuneration obligations through White Pillar.



We can provide payroll software and training, outsourced payroll support, in-house resources or a hybrid payroll solution to suit your business needs.


We have an experienced, dedicated team who can help you create, assess and streamline your business processes in both Payroll and Book-keeping.

Independent Contractors

White Pillar are a national specialist contractor payroll provider, and offer a range of options that will suit your business needs today and tomorrow.



  • Wii-ma-li Indigenous Touch Football

    White Pillar, where to start?!…. White Pillar has been Wii-ma-li’s biggest support since 2018. White Pillar not only financially support Wii-ma-li to achieve our goals in the sporting world, as well as playing as a family all around NSW and the ACT but they also take time out of their busy life to attend all our events we participate in. This sometimes includes travelling up to six hours one way. Nev and Angie show a genuine interest in learning about Aboriginal culture, our stories and what being an Aboriginal means to each and every team member. This opportunity for our players to express themselves through voice or sport has allowed each player to grow over the years and this thanks is owed to White Pillar. Thank you for being friendly, approachable and allow us to live our dream.

  • Emporium Building Group

    White Pillar were instrumental in helping set up Emporium Building Group. They implemented policies, procedures and systems to ensure Emporium Building Group were equipped to work and continue to work professionally, effectively and proficiently. White Pillar recommended Emporium Building Group to reputable software to enable successful business management. Through these recommended software systems, White Pillar enabled Emporium Building Group to build better client relationships and focus on our attention to details. Nev, Angie and the team continue to exceed expectation as they allow Emporium Building Group to contact them for spontaneous advice. White Pillar were definitely an asset to setting up Emporium Building Group, not an expense.

  • Shikha Independent Contractor

    "The customer service you have provided is like none other I have ever experienced. Exceeds expectations above and beyond the usual benchmark in the industry!"

  • Dr Stephen MugfordQQSR

    "I have been delighted with the service I have had from White Pillar. With a great combination of professional skill, friendly help and patience, they have sorted out all my book keeping and financial issues and my business is running the best it has been for ages. I cannot recommend them too highly."

  • Debra Beerworth

    "I was fortunate to recently meet Angie from White Pillar at a professional women's event. I mentioned to her that I needed immediate assistance to work through the details of my recent redundancy calculations as I needed to quickly confirm that I agreed to the convictions and payment.

    I contacted Angie the next day and the service I received was informative, accurate, well considered and professional. I will be using White Pillar for any ongoing Payroll queries I may have."

  • Darryl Kelly OAMJust Soldiers Military Publications

    "It is so refreshing to work with a company that I can trust and tells me how it is. Thanks White Pillar!"